I have extensive experience supporting children and adolescents with challenging behaviours, emotional difficulties & a history of abuse. I have experience of providing consultation, training, mental health reports and therapeutic interventions which have included: Families, Independent Residential Services, Local Authorities, CAMHS services, Secure Children’s Homes, Foster Placements, and other agencies.

I offer short- and long-term direct individual work, therapeutic group work, and family interventions. I utilise evidence-based assessments and interventions, to design individual programmes of psychological input, with achievable and measurable outcomes. I also offer consultations to  organisations to recognise and develop their strengths to optimally support individuals. To support staff and provide staff training, supervision, and debriefing, either in conjunction with ongoing support to individuals, or as a standalone provision.  I aim to work collaboratively with parents, carers, families, and professionals to maximise outcomes for individuals and their support networks.

Children and Family Psychologist South Wales

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